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Topeak Tool Tubi-Pod X Aluminum capsule

Topeak Tool Tubi-Pod X Aluminum capsule

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A compact, tubeless tire repair kit. Tubeless repair tools store inside a machined pod while five tire plugs store in a lightweight polymer pod. Both pods secure to a mounting module that can be strapped to a frame tube or seatpost – ready and waiting for action.

  • Tubeless tire repair tools and plugs store inside pods
  • Easily attaches to bike frame
  • Magnetic handle allows Air-stop tool to detach easily while tool handle is used for other functions
  • Plug tool installs tire plug for quick fix. Plug retainer helps keep the tire repair plug in place and eases plug tool removal
  • Use Knife to trim excess repair plug material
TOOLS 2-in-1 tire reamer / 3.5mm plug insertion tool, knife, air-stop
TOOL MATERIAL Stainless steel
POD MATERIAL Aluminum / Engineering grade polymer
ATTACHMENT Adjustable nylon strap
MOUNT Bike frame, tubes
ADDED FEATURES Tool stop, repair plug compartment, mount module, and 5 pieces of 3.5mm x 10cm tire repair plugs included.
SIZE 11.6 x 4.3 x 2.4 cm / 4.6” x 1.7” x 0.94”
WEIGHT 63 g / 2.22 oz
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