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TINELI Ambient Pro Bibs

TINELI Ambient Pro Bibs

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The Tineli Pro Bibshorts represent the pinnacle of cycling apparel, designed for the most discerning riders. These bibshorts feature a seamless wrap-around leg panel that not only looks sleek but also enhances comfort and minimizes chafing.

The star of the show is the renowned Tineli Platinum chamois, a masterpiece of comfort and support, ensuring long hours in the saddle feel like a breeze.

With integrated silicone leg grippers, these bibshorts stay securely in place, preventing any annoying ride-ups.

If you demand the best, the Tineli Pro Bibshorts will deliver unmatched performance, making every pedal stroke an absolute pleasure.

  • 240gsm Askin lycra for unmatched support
  • Aggressive on bike position
  • Integrated silicone leg grippers
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