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Mucky Nutz

Mucky Nutz Butt Fender 2023

Mucky Nutz Butt Fender 2023

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'Soggy Arse Syndrome' protection for your treasured derriere. Lightweight, discreet, and very effective, the Butt Fender, Black looks great while helping to keep your backside clean and comfortable.


Each Butt Fender is proudly made just up t'road, using 100% recycled plastic. And when it can protect your butt no more, you'll be glad to know that it's also 100% recyclable.


Having extra curves, in the right areas, the new Butt Fender offers more protection for your peachy derriere while eliminating any possibility of it getting caught on your tyre, at full drop - the fender, not your butt.


The profile of the Butt Fender is enough for you to attach it to your saddle without the need for additional fasteners.


For those with clumsy fingers and thumbs, like us, there's now an additional tab to grab hold of when pulling the fender down onto the bottom rails.


We are always looking for ways to eliminate single-use plastic and waste from our products and packaging. And the Butt Fender is no exception. There isn't a piece of single-use plastic in sight. No fasteners. No packaging. Nowt!

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