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Castelli Toe Thingy 2

Castelli Toe Thingy 2

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A slip-on neoprene toe cover takes away the chill. It's surprisingly effective, and you can just leave it on your shoe.

Product features

  • Windproof Neoprene protection for your toes

  • Rugged, rubberized sole with openings for cleats

  • Red fabric on inside

  • Can be worn on its own or as a layer between your shoe and shoecover

  • WARNING: The color of this product may transfer when wet. Avoid long term contact with light colored surfaces.

  • Weight: 92gm

  • Temperature: 10°C - 18°C / 50°F - 64°F

DESIGNED FOR THOSE SLIGHTLY COOLER DAYS. Keep your feet warm without the hassle of a full shoecover. These toecovers slip easily over the front of your shoes and are held in place by the cleats. The rugged underside of the toe will add grip and resist rips or tears thanks to a silicone print. The toecover can be worn on its own or as a layer between your shoe and shoecover.

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