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Castelli Gabba RoS 2 Jacket Women's

Castelli Gabba RoS 2 Jacket Women's

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This is the original jacket/jersey that started an entire new product class: the Gabba. It's a water-resistant short-sleeve jacket that's equally ideal for dry conditions. Made to be worn with our Nano Flex arm warmers, it allows you to keep your core warm without overheating.

Product features

  • The 5th generation of the Gabba, from the inventors of the Gabba

  • Now more water-resistant than ever

  • Castelli-exclusive GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ WINDSTOPPER® 205 Warm brushed water-resistant fabric on front-facing surfaces

  • GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ WINDSTOPPER® 203 Stretch on rear-facing surfaces for greater stretch and breathability

  • Taped shoulder seams for extra rain protection

  • Top- and bottom-opening YKK® Vislon® zipper for easy sliding, covered for additional wind and rain protection

  • 3 rear pockets

  • Reflective panel at bottom of pockets

Technical features

  • Insulation: 4/5

  • Waterproofness: 3/5

  • Windproofness: 5/5

  • Breathability: 4/5

  • Lightness: 3/5

  • Weight: 281gm

  • Temperature: 9°C - 16°C / 48°F - 61°F

  • Fit: Performance

In 2010 Castelli introduced the Gabba to the pros and changed the way pros race in the rain and cold. And the way they dress for cool-weather training. The Gabba also happens to be the perfect cool-weather piece for all the non-pro cyclists out there because of how it keeps your core warm and dry while not being too hot. The latest Gabba is the fifth generation, and this current version is essentially waterproof while maintaining the breathability and wind protection that have always made the Gabba so good. It uses two separate Castelli-exclusive GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ WINDSTOPPER® fabrics: warmer and 100% waterproof over the front, shoulders, and sleeves, along with a lighter, more breathable, and stretchier fabric on the back that is sufficiently protective against the water that hits your back. The "2" part of the name refers to the updates to the latest version, including a YKK® Vislon® zipper with both top and bottom openings for more adjustable ventilation. The reflectivity on the back is more visible, the seam at the top of the shoulder has been moved to the back, and the three pockets hold more gear. Typically, we'll layer the Gabba over a sleeveless base layer and short-sleeve jersey, and pair it with Nano Flex arm warmers for cooler and/or wet conditions, or Seamless warmers for mild conditions. The Gabba RoS 2 W is a must-have for autumn and spring riding.

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