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Castelli Fast Feet 2 TT Shoecover

Castelli Fast Feet 2 TT Shoecover

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The fastest covering for your feet, for the high speeds of time trialing.

Product features

  • Castelli's Fast Feet project — for time trials

  • Extensively tested to be the fastest foot covering for time trialing

  • Silicone-coated fabric over the shoe smooths out airflow

  • Engineered grooved Lycra® on ankle portion helps detach airflow

  • Flat polyurethane tape at top to keep shoecover in place

Technical features

  • Weight: 90gm

  • Temperature: 10°C - 30°C / 50°F - 86°F

  • Fit: Aero

Now even faster, the Fast Feet 2 TT Shoecover is the fastest foot covering for efforts against the clock. This shoecover was designed based on extensive modeling of the different aero demands of the foot and lower leg, followed by cylinder testing to identify the ideal shapes, and then extensive dynamic wind tunnel testing to fine-tune the fastest foot covering available.

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