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A Gepida Reptila 900, NEXUS 8, 26", white 46cm

A Gepida Reptila 900, NEXUS 8, 26", white 46cm

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The Gepida Reptila 900 is a versatile town and country ebike that puts riders in a relaxed upright position, with a centrally placed Bosch Active Plus motor.

This ebike inspires confidence, offering a very smooth but firm feel to acceleration . 

The Gepida 900 is upgraded by Electric Bikes Plus to have cross trail tyres and capability. This improved traction provides a safe ride and performs with ease on variable surfaces such as tarseal, lime and gravel.

It is very popular with clients in our region and from the Kapiti Coast, Taranaki and Hawke’s Bay .

On this note, the “900” is a “buyers choice” e-bike . We have clients that have clocked up 15,000kms on this Bosch powered beauty and they still love them to bits.

Being European, (Made in Budapest) means precision, quality, with a lightweight frame providing the rider with a comfortable and agile feel. Powered by the highly regarded 32kph Bosch Active Plus motor, means that the “900” has more than enough power to easily tackle hills and head -winds. It has Shimano internal gears, located inside the rear hub - meaning your chain doesn’t fall off and that you can change gears even when stationary.

This Reptila 900 is a “Can Do” ebike !

It strongly appeals people of all ages, who are 5’10” or less in height.

With such unpredictable and intermittent supply from Europe, when in store, it pays check come check out the “900. If you like it, just grab one - otherwise clients can wait up to 6- 8 months for the next shipment to arrive!

Battery 400Wh Power pack
Brakes Magura HS11 Hydraulic Rim HS-11
Derailleur Shimano Nexus Hub 8 Speed
Display console Bosch Purion display, 4-level assist
Frame Gepida Hydroforming 6061 Alloy
Maximum assist 32kph
Maximum load 140kg bike+rider+luggage
Motor Bosch Active Line Plus
Saddle Velo 6142
Tyres Schwalbe Big Apple 26×2.0 with Reflective Tape
Warranty 2 years
Weight Approx. 25.8kg
Wheel size 26"
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